Histoires d'argent

French audio article about different relationships to money, rich in French idioms. After listening, click any phrase for the English translation and related grammar lessons.

Part 1

Part 2

French vocabulary

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Q&A relating to this exercise


Kwiziq community member

18 March 2019

1 reply

'pas question de lui emprunter de l'argent' and 'il a des oursins dans le porte-monnaie' I think they have opposite meanings. I don't quite understand


Kwiziq language super star

19 March 2019


Hi Coca,

I think the two expressions complement each other -

Pas question de lui emprunter de l’argent = Borrowing money from him is out of question 

Parce quebecause

Il a des oursins dans le porte-monnaie He is tight/ mean /stingy

I love all the expressions in this reading exercise , I had forgotten we had so many....





Kwiziq community member

25 January 2019

2 replies

Hi there. Really interesting piece with lots of new vocabulary. But can’t sort the construction “mais lui se la coule” . Please advise. S.


Kwiziq language super star

26 January 2019


Hi Sylvia,

Lots of interesting expressions in that piece...

The one you refer to is -

‘se la couler douce’ 

‘la’ standing for ‘la vie’.

It means, to take life easy , think ‘dolce vita’ in Italian...

Hope this helps!


Kwiziq community member

26 January 2019


Thank you so much. Best wishes, S.

Getting that for you now.