Autumn/Winter 2020 trends

"Tendances automne-hiver 2020"
French B2 writing exercise

Discover the Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion trends.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "the fashion industry", "to face [something]", "a weakness", "to witness [something]", "a reinforcement", "basic (=fundamental)", "to lift one's spirits", "an influencer", "a lockdown", "from what...", "a catwalk", "to be at the forefront", "puffed sleeves", "inflated", "to ignite [something]", "the late 90s", "a matrix".

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After the strangest of years when the fashion industry had to face its own weaknesses, we also witnessed the reinforcement of this basic principle: fashion can be an inspiring and positive force. Indeed, wearing beautiful clothes can truly lift one's spirits, as many influencers and other "lockdown fashionistas" demonstrated [it]. From what we've seen on this season's catwalks, extraordinary volumes will be at the forefront, from Chanel's puffed sleeves to Gucci's inflated skirts. As for the colors that will make their mark starting in September, bright red and gold will ignite our wardrobes while black leather coats will send us back to the "matrix" of the late 90s.

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