An opinion on football [US:soccer]
French writing exercise

Une opinion sur le foot

Théo has a nuanced take on football [US:soccer].

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"football [US:soccer]", "a fan/supporter", "a game (match)", "the atmosphere", "exhilarating", "the enthusiasm", "contagious", "a (soccer) club", "thanks to", "a shame (pity)", "to spoil (an event)", "to embody", "teamwork".


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My father is a big football [US: soccer] fan, and I grew up watching games with him. I found the atmosphere exhilarating and the enthusiasm was contagious. But I think that there's too much money in football [US: soccer]. The big clubs have forgotten that they exist thanks to their supporters, which is a shame. I also don't like some football [US:soccer] supporters who can be violent or even racist. I think that they spoil an interesting sport that should embody solidarity and teamwork.

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