My Provence dream
French writing exercise

Mon rêve de Provence

Juliette dreams of what life would be like if she lived in Provence [re: southeastern French region].

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"over there", "to beat (heart)", "in the countryside", "a vegetable garden", "jam", "finally (relief)", "to finish [doing]", "a novel", "to learn to [do]", "to paint", "heaven on Earth".


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One day, I would like to live in Provence. Every time that I imagine the life that I would have over there, my heart beats a bit faster! I would live in the countryside, where I'd have my own vegetable garden. I would make delicious jam that I'd sell at the village market. I would finally be able to finish writing the novel that I started years ago, and maybe even learn to paint. It would be heaven on Earth!

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