How do you like to keep up with the news?

"Comment préférez-vous vous tenir informés sur l'actualité ?"
French B1 writing exercise

Vanessa and Ludovic tell us how they stay informed.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "the news", "via social media", "to follow an account (online)", "to enable [someone] to [do]", "to have instant access to", "headlines", "in-depth articles", "live news feed", "to check (the news)", "headphones", "to count on [someone]", "to hear the latest news".

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- Like a lot of young people my age, I mostly read the news online, on social media, where I follow several newspapers' accounts, which enables me to have instant access to the headlines. I can then decide to read more in-depth articles and I also watch live news feeds on my laptop. - I also go and check the news online, but in the morning, I often buy the newspaper which I then read on the subway or the bus. If I'm feeling lazy, I just turn on the radio on my phone and I listen to the news with my headphones. And of course, I can always count on my colleagues to hear the latest news at the coffee machine!

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