Troisième personne

French Third Person

The third person refers to a person or group that is neither the speaker nor the person(s) addressed.

For example

Elle est généreuse. - She is generous.
  -> 'elle' is neither the speaker nor the person being addressed.

Ils ont du temps. - They have time.
  -> 'ils' is a group of people who are neither speaking nor being spoken to.

In addition to singular and plural forms, third person has subject, object, stress and possessive forms.


Third person pronouns

  Subject  Reflexive Object Stress Possessive



le / lui

lui son, sa, ses, le sien...
  elle se la / lui elle son, sa, ses, le sien...
  on* se le/la / lui soi son, sa, ses, le sien...
plural ils se les / leur eux leur, leurs, le leur...
  elles se les / leur elles leur, leurs, le leur...

*Also see the note about on in the first person.

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