Visit to the Chocolate Fair

"Visite au Salon du Chocolat"
French B1 writing exercise

Vincent and his familly will go to the Paris Chocolate Fair this year.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a pastry cook (fem.)", "to be eager to [do]", "renowned", "a chocolatier", "the know-how", "a fair", "as for ...", "to taste", "on the day", "to avoid", "a queue [US: line]", "to participate in", "a workshop", "to gift [something] to [someone]", "memorable".

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In a few weeks, Vincent and his family will visit the Chocolate Fair in Paris. Vincent's mother, who works as a pastry cook, is eager to meet the renowned chocolatiers who will show their know-how at the fair. As for Vincent, he just wants to taste all the different chocolates! On the day, they will arrive early to avoid the long queues [US: lines]. They will participate in a workshop to make their own chocolate, then they will drink a hot chocolate at one of the cafés. Of course, the family will buy a lot of chocolate to eat at home or gift to friends. It will be a memorable day!