Pas si facile de commander en français !

"Not so easy to order in French!"
French C1 dictation exercise

Colette recalls the first time she ordered food in a French restaurant.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "le Baccalauréat", "fort.e de [quelque chose]", "à quel point", "se mettre le doigt dans l'œil", "la confiance en [soi]", "valoir [quelque chose] à [quelqu'un]", "un haussement d'épaules", "navré.e", "pathétique", "une dessinatrice", "désemparé.e", "finir par [faire]", "le soulagement", "maîtriser", "autant vous dire que", "de plus belle".

I'll play you French speech in sections for you to transcribe

  • Start by listening to the whole piece then hit start
  • Play each section and write down what you hear
  • I'll show you correct answers after each for you to mark yourself
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Let me take a look at that...