A romantic trip to Paris (A2)
French writing exercise

Un voyage romantique à Paris

Anna took her boyfriend on a romantic trip to Paris.

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"to print", "a boyfriend", "a student", "over there", "the good spots", "the Eiffel Tower", "to taste", "snails", "to take walks", "along (river)".

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This week, I printed my photos from Paris. I went on holiday [US:vacation] there with my boyfriend. When I was a student, I lived over there for 2 years, so I know all the good spots! We saw the Eiffel Tower of course, and we also went to the Louvre. We drank delicious wines, and he tasted snails ! The weather was nice all week, so we took walks along the Seine. I love Paris in the summer!

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