A Step Ahead

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19 February 2019

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A Step Ahead

Bonjour Madame Cécile et Madame Aurélie !

A small message I would like to share with you. Yesterday, I received an e-mail via Help and Support which stated that French experts are of the opinion that I post quite a large number of questions. Indeed it’s true I admit but I would like to tell you that it’s me (Shrey) a school- going thirteen year -old boy who learns French through Kwiziq under my Mom’s name (Varsha). I always had a desire to excel in French which is not taught in my school  in India (as the mail suggested me to consult my own teacher sometimes for my  queries). After being acquainted with Kwiziq, which motivated my inquisitive mind to grab this very opportunity, I whole-heartedly have started devoting some time to French apart from my school studies. With your constant support and dedication in helping me while answering my doubts since I joined a Premium membership in October 2018 helped me to achieve DELF A1 diploma. I will be indebted to you both forever. I hope you understand my circumstances and would devote your valuable time in future to help me master my French.

Merci beaucoup et Bonne journée !


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20 February 2019


Bonjour Shrey !

Merci beaucoup pour cet adorable message :)
We are happy and proud to have been able to help you achieve your first French diploma!

And we are indeed glad to be there to answer your questions, though we are a very small team, and as you know, my main job on the site is to create all the French content: lessons, but also Writing exercises, Reader articles, Dictées, Fill-in-the-Blank kwiz exercises, etc...
So please bear with us, and allow us a few days to come back to your queries, if we don't answer straight away :) 

Continue comme ça !
Bonne journée !

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