Adjectif+ noun and des


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14 July 2018

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Adjectif+ noun and des

Bon jour,

I still don't understand why des changes to de or d' . If it's a vowel it's fine but adjectif+ noun ,why in this case . Why des changes ,how does it make a difference to the sentence. 

In case of partitive article ,while doing negation des changes to de as there is no quantity. That's understandable. 

What's the rule here ,as it's article des. 

Thank you. 

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16 July 2018


The rule is simply this: use de imstead of des when there is an adjective betwixt it and the noun. That's all.

J'avais de grandes voitures. -- I had big cars.

J'avais des voitures. -- I had cars. 

-- Chris. (Sorry for the not very imaginative examples). 


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17 July 2018


Thank you Chris

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