Adjective of "vent"

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2 October 2018

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Adjective of "vent"

Hello, I was wondering if "venteux" is accepted as an adjective that you can use with "le temps est + adjective" 

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3 October 2018


Hi Nhu,

I would not use 'venteux' to talk about the weather.

You can say, 'Il vente' ( like:  il pleut or il neige ) but it is very formal.

Il fait du vent 

or even,

il y a du vent aujourd'hui

is also possible ...

'Venteux' is used as an adjective to talk about something which is 'subject to wind'.


Cette plage /cette saison est très venteuse This beach/this season  is very windy

Les haricots sont venteux = Beans give you wind ( flatulence) 

Hope this helps!



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10 May 2019


Les haricots sont venteux is the funniest thing I've learned in French in a while. Ha! Merci.

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