Any Sylvie?


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17 July 2018

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Any Sylvie?

Another problem I have here is with the explanations in the lesson. It says that when talking about SOMETHING SPECIFIC, you should use elle/il. But then there's this example: Qui est Sylvie ? - C'est ma sœur. 

I would think that here we are talking about a very specific Sylvie, and not just some Sylvie. Then why do we say c'est instead of elle? 

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17 July 2018


Hi Arndis, if you look again at the lesson you'll see it's divided into 2 parts.

1. c'est in sentences it/he/she is + a/the/my... + [thing/people]

In this case you always use "c'est". This includes your example: "Qui est Sylvie ? - C'est ma sœur. "
2. Cases expressing opinions or simple statements (adjectives) about prementioned thingsThe rule about specific/unspecific comes here, but this is not relevant to your example.

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