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30 May 2018

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We are told that devoir can sometimes mean 'to need to [do]' yet only one example is given and no further explanation. In the example devoir is followed by a verb in the infinitive. Is that how devoir can be used?

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31 May 2018


Hi John,

This is quite subtle and it is when 'must' equals an imperative need to do something, rather than an obligation as the following examples will illustrate:

Je dois aller chez ma mère ce matin, elle ne va pas bien.

Je dois aller aux toilettes.

Je dois passer à la banque, je n'ai plus d'argent.

You would use 'devoir' rather than 'avoir besoin de' and as you have noticed it is followed by another verb in the infinitive.

Hope this helps!


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1 June 2018


Merci Cécile. Maintenant je comprends.

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