Examples 8 & 10 - why is "mieux" being used and not "meilleur"?


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10 December 2016

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Examples 8 & 10 - why is "mieux" being used and not "meilleur"?

Doesn't the use of the verb "etre" indicate a state of being rather than an action, and hence shouldnt meilleur be used instead of mieux?

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12 December 2016


Bonjour Prashanth ! This is an interesting remark. The difference between "meilleur" and "mieux" is the same as in between "bon"= good (adjective) and "bien"= well (adverb). Therefore, depending on context, both can be used with the verb "être": - When talking about something's quality (this is good), you will indeed use "meilleur": "Ma machine est meilleure que la tienne." (My machine is better than yours.) - But to express a general opinion in French, you will use "C'est bien" (= it's fine/well/ok) rather than "C'est bon" (more for taste); therefore in those cases, "c'est bien" will become "c'est mieux". I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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