Futur vs Conditionnel


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7 August 2016

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Futur vs Conditionnel

One quiz reads:"Tu _____ m'aider après manger ?" (Will you be able to help me after eating?) and we're supposed to enter Le Futur of "pouvoir". But why Futur? As there appears to be some doubt as to whether the person addressed can help, why aren't we using Le Conditionnel ?


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7 August 2016


Bonjour Joakim, This is testing you on conjugation, not meaning. Sure, you could also say pourrais, to mean "Would you be able to help" but that's not the point of this question - it's just to see if you know your future conjugations. As for why the future, it would be used for example when someone said yesterday they might be able to help you, so now today you're checking in with them. Does that make sense?

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