How to know if a Verb is reflexive or not?


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23 April 2017

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How to know if a Verb is reflexive or not?

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23 April 2017


Hi Deewana - if you are looking at the infinitive of the verb, then there will always be "se " in front of it, like "se raser", "se lever" etc. Many verbs have non-reflexive versions, so "lever" (to lift) exists as well as "se lever" (to get up). Like any verb though, you need to learn it when you first encounter it and so you'll learn if it's reflexive when you first come across it. I hope that helps!


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24 April 2017


My sense of the question asked is more along the lines of: When to know to use a reflexive verb or not? Perhaps that is just my take on it; however, I do find certain things unsatisfactorily explained. I know that to rise, to go to bed, etc. are reflexive but I have not seen anything in study materials, not just on Lawless French, that fully explains this in detail. For example: I used "nous nous sommes discutés" in speaking with a prof about a topic that he and I had previously discussed and he quickly corrected me to "nous avons discuté".

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