I mean for pluriels .; they ,we ,you

I mean for pluriels .; they ,we ,you

Asked 8 years ago
Bonjour Siner, I noticed both of your posts; however, I am unable to understand your question. manquer(de) conjugates like any other -er verb. The peculiar with this verb is this: If I want to say «I miss you» in French it becomes ---> «Tu me manques». As can be seen, manquer conjugates as expected even in the plural: «we missed you» ---> «tu nous manques» or «vous nous manquez»
Thank you and sorry for not being clear. My question was about the form of ; je manque le spectacle or je manque de sucre... Because on the lesson all the examples are in singulier form so I was wondering if it is a form a kind of " Il faut " just in one way. (Sorry English is not my mother langue as well so it is a bit hard to explain for me.) in the form of "we miss you" we conjugate the verb for "you " vous nous manquez " so that's why I was a little bit lost but now I can see that we should consider it as a normal way of the conjugation as" nous manquons d'argent ." I hope I can explain my self better this time but anyway I think I found the answer by trying to explain my question ;)
Bonjour Siner, si tu veux dire "I miss my pens" you would translate this as "je manque de mes stylos". Comme tu peux voire, le principe reste le même dans le pluriel. J'espère d'avoir pu t'aider. -- Chris. (Attention, le français n'est pas ma langue maternelle.)
Moi de nouveau.... "We miss our pens" c'est "Nous manquons de nos stylos." -- Chris.
Bonjour Chris , Le deuxième example c'est correspond à mon question ,exactement. merci

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