Je m'attendais à ce que tu me demandes en mariage.


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7 May 2018

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Je m'attendais à ce que tu me demandes en mariage.

According to the lesson as I understand it, this has a negative connotation.  As in, I was afraid/nervous/apprehensive you would ask me to marry you. Do I have that right?  Also, if one wanted to say, “I was waiting (with excitement) for you to ask me to marry you”, would it be J'attendais que tu me demandes en marriage.?

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French lesson "Attendre quelqu'un vs s'attendre à quelque chose = to wait vs to expect"


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8 May 2018


S'attendre à quelque chose means to expect something. I know that in the lesson it is stated that this has a negative connotation in French. However, either this isn't very strong or it is a regional variation, because neither someone from Bordeaux nor from two people from Paris thought that there was a negative subtone to it. It simply means to expect something.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).

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