lent as adverb

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18 December 2017

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lent as adverb

This lesson says -ent adjectives become -emment adverbs. However a previous lesson said lent becomes lentement as adverb. Are both spelling forms accepted?

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18 December 2017


No, "lentement" is definitely correct. Lentemment is wrong.
I would guess that the adjective "lent" is simply too short to claim that its stem is simple "l-". Therefore the rule doesn't apply here. That's how I would argue it before a judge ;)

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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19 December 2017


Bonjour Damien !

The adjective lent can never become lemment, for the simple reason that it would make the stem of the word disappear, due to the shortness of the adjective in the first place :)
Therefore, here the regular rule of using the feminine adjective as the basis of the adverb applies:

Bonne journée !

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