mon amie Rachel est une très bonne maquilleuse


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22 December 2016

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mon amie Rachel est une très bonne maquilleuse

I noticed in your Week 29 A2 Halloween writing test, the above phrase was given as the correct translation of 'my friend Rachel is a very good makeup artist.' From this, can we take it that a descriptive adjective before a profession requires the whole phrase to take an article? Thanks again.

This relates to:
Don't use un, une when giving people's professions (zero article) -


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22 December 2016


Bonjour Andy !

That's a very interesting remark here, and you are perfectly correct: you will need to add the article when using an adjective in general in French, including with professions.
Thanks to you, I've added a relevant note to the lesson :)

Merci et à bientôt !


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27 December 2016


I've taken it that when a general noun is used almost as a descriptive adjective, no article is required. But if ever the noun is qualified and made a little bit more distinct and individual, an article is needed again.

Thanks again for your help! Between the lessons, the writing tests and your swift replies to any queries, Kwiziq is helping to make all the quite tricky stuff crystal clear!

Bonnes fêtes !

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