"on" vs "tu" and "vous" for you


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29 May 2018

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"on" vs "tu" and "vous" for you

"I have been taking the writing challenge to test it out for future use with my students. I notice that when translating a 'you' statement the correct responses never include the option for using 'tu' or 'vous' and instead rely on using only 'on'. I understand the benefit of teaching the impersonal 'on' but feel that the 'tu' and 'vous' versions of the sentence should also be counted as correct. The 'on' pronoun in my understanding of spoken French is more commonly used as 'we' though it of course can be interpreted in many ways. I wonder if requiring it to be the only translation accepted for a 'you' statement might be leading the students toward a misunderstanding of the pronoun. Thanks for listening! I love the product so far."

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