Placement of 'certain'

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17 November 2017

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Placement of 'certain'

One B1 exercise has us translate "There is some risk". I think the translation depends on where you put the stress: "There is SOME risk" i.e. some uncertainty about the risk: Il y a un certain risque. Or alternatively "There IS some risk". Now the risk is certain: Il y a un risque certain.


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17 November 2017


Bonjour Joakim,
C'est exact. It depends on the placement of certain, before or after, risque whether it means some risk or a sure risk.
This is similar to un grand homme or un homme grand. In the first, un grand homme could be used thusly: DeGaulle était un grand homme --> DeGaulle was a great man. (I used this example with no political intent) But, secondarily, un homme grand could be: Il est un homme grand --> He is a tall or big man.

J'espère que cela vous aiderait.
Ron (un locuteur non natif)

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