referring to females only from a mixed group?


referring to females only from a mixed group?

If you were referring to some females only but within a mixed gender group, could you say 'certaines d'entre eux'?
Asked 11 years ago
Bonjour Lesley, It seems to me, given the definitions in the lesson that certains d'entre eux would be the correct phrase. In order to differentiate just the women in the group, perhaps the correct phrase would be «certains d'entre eux étaient femmes et elles . . . . . » I am unsure if that is correct or not, but it seems to be a «logical» way to different the women in the group from the group, mixed, as a whole. then the speaker could go forward in speaking about the women only as a separate group. Perhaps Aurélie, Gruff or Laura have a better, more appropriate way of stating the differentiation. By the way, I have followed Laura's French lessons for quite a while beginning with the days. She is spot on and has teamed up with a couple of true French smart people with Gruff and Aurélie. J'espère que cela vous aidera. Bonne chance, Ron

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