"They bring their computers."

"They bring their computers."

The sentence, as it stands in the subject line, appears not to be unique in English. Apart from "ils amènent leurs ordinateurs." could it not also be translated as "ils amènent ses orinateurs"? The first one meaning that the computers belong collectively to the group whereas the second option connotes that each one of the group brings his own computer. Or is the second option plainly wrong in French?
Asked 9 years ago
AurélieKwiziq language super star
Bonjour Claus ! Very interesting question ! First of all, "Ils amènent ses ordinateurs" would mean "They're bringing HIS computers". The way to distinguish between the meanings is whether "leur ordinateur" is singular or plural. - "Ils amènent LEURS ordinateurS" can either mean that "the computers belong collectively to the group" OR that each person in the group brings more than one computer. - On the other hand, "Ils amènent LEUR ordinateuR" can either mean that "each one of the group brings his own computer" OR that the group owns only one computer. I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !
Ah, yes! Makes perfect sense now. Thanks for the clarification.

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