Tout va bien chez vous


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24 August 2016

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Tout va bien chez vous

Hi - just a bit confused on this one. I noticed we have used va and not allez, but we have used vous and not toi (ie va with toi, and allez with vous). Is that because "va" is referring to "Tout" being masculine singular and not the person we are talking to? ie - can you say "tout va bien chez toi" to someone familiar or is this a fixed expression..??

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25 August 2016


Bonjour John, The subject of the verb is tout - tout va bien = everything is going well. Yes, you can say tout va bien chez toi, tout va bien chez moi, tout va bien chez nous, etc. Note that if the subect were tu, the correct conjugation is vas: tu vas, il va.

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