"traditionnelle" before or after noun?


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13 January 2017

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"traditionnelle" before or after noun?

In a writing challenge, a correct answer was "et nous avons fini avec la traditionnelle bûche de Noël". Googling, I find things like "Musée du Costume Traditionnel" and many more example where this adjective comes after the noun. So why is it before the noun in the writing challenge?


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16 January 2017


Bonjour Joakim ! Here it's the case we've discussed before, when adjectives can be before or after the noun. -> "after is in a more objective sense, as in plain characteristic, whereas before takes a subjective connotation, emotion, opinion etc." In this case, the colloquial usage tends to be "la traditionnelle bûche de Noël" rather than "la bûche de Noël traditionnelle". The first case feels a bit more emphatic, whereas the second case is more matter-of-factly. I would use the second one when explaining how to make it for example: - The traditional Yule log is made of... -> "La bûche de Noël traditionnelle est faite à partir de..." but I would say: "Voilà la traditionnelle bûche de Noël !" I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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