Tu veux fraise ou vanille? - Ni l'un ni l'autre


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23 June 2017

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Tu veux fraise ou vanille? - Ni l'un ni l'autre

This relates to:
Ni l'un(e) ni l'autre ne ... = Neither [one nor the other] (negation) -


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24 June 2017


Bonjour James,
I do believe you are correct as «fraise» is a feminine noun. Perhaps this is one that Aurélie needs to respond to in case there is a grammar rule that I am unaware of that would make this an exception.
Note that l'un/l'une agrees in gender with the object it refers to.
Ni l'un/e ni l'autre can also be used on its own to express neither:
Tu veux fraise ou vanille? - Ni l'un ni l'autre.
Do you want strawberry or vanilla? - Neither.

Bonne chance !


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25 June 2017


Thanks Ron,
I would assume that if one of the subjects had been masculine, then it would be Ni l`un..., but both are feminine.

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