Un lion chassera une antilope

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6 August 2018

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Un lion chassera une antilope

In the passive the correct answer is given as 'une antilope sera chassée par un lion'.

As chasser is an -er verb that I guess takes avoir why isn't the answer 'une antilope aura chassé par un lion'?

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6 August 2018


Bonjour John !

I think here you're mixing Le Passé Composé (or Futur Antérieur to be exact) and the passive voice :)

You are correct that in compound tenses, -er verbs use avoir, but here Le Passif is not a tense, but rather a perspective.

Indeed, if you look at the two sentences, the difference is who is doing the action:

Un lion chassera une antilope.   -> the lion is hunting.

Une antilope sera chassée par un lion.  -> the antilope is being hunted.

Now look at the sentence you suggested:

Une antilope aura chassé par un lion.  -> An antilope will have hunted by a lion.

-> Here the sentence has a complete different meaning and is actually incorrect :)

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !


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8 August 2018


Merci Aurélie, Now it's clear as long as I remember your useful examples


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