Usage of dernière (please excuse position of accent)


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8 January 2018

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Usage of dernière (please excuse position of accent)

In the recent A2 writing challenge - A lousy date, second sentence is "Take my last adventure". Last here means previous. so as per rule it should come after the noun, "Prenez mon aventure dernière". But the correct answer given in the WC is "Correct answer: Prenez ma dernière aventure : ". Why is derniere used before the noun?


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18 April 2018


Bonjour Richa !

Here when you say "my last adventure", it's more in the sense of "my latest adventure (to date)", rather than "the one before the last", as there's no indication he/she had another adventure after that.

Therefore, you'll need to use "ma dernière aventure".

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !

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