Verb conjuction after Chaqun(e) des .....


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6 October 2016

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Verb conjuction after Chaqun(e) des .....

I noticed in the examples the conjugation is in the singular form and not plural, ie, chaqune des femmes apporte un plat (and not apportent un plat). Is there a simple way to explain this for me to remember (ie I want to say "chaqune des femmes" is more than one lady, so it is "they", so it's "elles apportent". I know its not the case here, but not sure why...?)

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6 October 2016


Bonjour John, The literal translation is "each (one) of the women" and works the same way: each of the women brings / chacune [not "chaqune"] des femmes apporte.

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