What level of DELF is it?

AsadA1Kwiziq community member

What level of DELF is it?

Asked 5 years ago
CécileKwiziq team member

Hi Asad,

It is CEFR B1 level but not sure of its equivalence in DELF...

JanA2Kwiziq community member

I can’t believe the very negative comments here. It’s a fantastic resource with lots of positive feedback for people’s efforts. People should learn to be a little more gracious in respect of your website, especially the amount of free content you provide.Thank you for producing such an extensive learning platform.

MargaretA1Kwiziq community member

I thought this was a great resource. I was happy to be told 'Well done' for each of my efforts and was able to award myself marks appropriately with no problem due to the comparison of my writing and Kwiziq's. I was able to learn from most of the mistakes I made by clicking on the appropriate link. 

CécileKwiziq team member

Thank you Jan and  Margaret, 

We do love positive comments on Kwiziq but unfortunately, as they are as follow-up comments to a random question, not many people will see them so it would be great if you could re-post them on the Forum separately. 

Bonne Continuation!

What level of DELF is it?

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