when do I pronounce the "s" in plus?


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12 November 2016

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when do I pronounce the "s" in plus?


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16 November 2016


Bonjour Mary ! In general (meaning there are exceptions!), you will pronounce the "s" in "plus" when it is used in a positive way, meaning "more", and the "s" will be silent when "plus" in used as a negation ("anymore", "any longer"). "J'ai pluS de billes que toi." (I've got more marbles than you.) "Je ne veux plus [mute] la voir." (I don't want to see her anymore.) Of course, as always in French, sometimes the "s" can also be silent in positive contexts, for euphony reasons (it sounds better). "Il a plus de mille livres." (He has more than a thousand books.) However, you will never pronounce the "s" in the negation "plus"! I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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