Why is the weekday pluralized at " tous les mercredis? "


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23 April 2018

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Why is the weekday pluralized at " tous les mercredis? "

I was taught earlier that you're not allowed to pluralize weekdays like that. Is it because of the tous les structure? Also, I think it'd help if the lesson advised you to pretend the subject pronoun is there before the verb but after the person name to make conjugating easier: " Jean and I, we went to the cinema = Jean et moi (nous) sommes alles au cinema. "

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26 April 2018


Let me try to clarify:

We meet Mondays. -- On se rencontre le lundi.

In examples like this, where you would use the weekday in its plural form in English, you simply use the definite article and singular in French.

However, if you wanted to say:

We meet every Monday. -- On se rencontre tous les lundis. Or: ....chaque lundi.

So, apparently, the plural version of weekdays does exist but you use it differently than in English. When you would say "every Monday" in English, you can say "all Mondays" in French and use the plural.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).

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