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Conjugate être in the historic past in French (Le Passé Simple)

You've already learnt how to recognise être in Le Passé Simple (Indicatif). Let's find out how to conjugate this verb in Le Passé Simple.

Learn how to conjugate ÊTRE (to be) in Le Passé Simple (Indicatif) in French

Look at these examples:

A ce moment, je fus si stupéfait que je partis sur le champ !At that moment, I was so stunned that I left immediately!

Quand tu quittas le poste de police, tu fus enfin soulagé.When you left the police station, you were finally relieved.

Soudain, le monstre fut sur lui.Suddenly, the monster was upon him.

Après des jours et des jours de voyage, nous fûmes heureux de voir notre village.After days and days of travel, we were happy to see our village.

Quand vous apprîtes la nouvelle, vous ne fûtes pas surpris.When you heard the news, you were not surprised.

Ils furent escortés jusqu'au roi par sa garde personnelle. They were escorted to the king by his personal guard.

To conjugate être in le Passé Simple, here is what to do:

f- + endings: -us, -us, -ut, -ûmes, -ûtes, -urent

 ATTENTION: It's easy to confuse je fus (être) with je fis (faire)!


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