Conjugate faire in Le Passé Simple

Look at faire in le Passé Simple:

Je fis mes devoirs pendant qu'elles se préparaient.
I did my homework while they were getting ready.

Et toi? Que fis-tu pendant ce temps?
And you? What did you do during that time?

Bilbon fit très attention à ne pas réveiller le dragon.
Bilbo was very careful not to wake the dragon.

Lorsque nous fîmes nos bagages, nous essayâmes d'aller le plus vite possible.
When we packed our bags, we tried to go as fast as possible.

Vous fîtes la cuisine pour vingt personnes ce jour-là!
You cooked for twenty people that day!

Terrifiés, nos héros firent demi-tour et s'enfuirent en courant.
Terrified, our heroes turned around and ran away.


To conjugate faire in le Passé Simple, here is what to do:

f- + endings: -is, -is, -it, -îmes, -îtes, -irent

 ATTENTION: It's easy to confuse je fis (faire) with je fus (être)!

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Kwiziq community member

28 March 2017

1 reply

It asked two questions, I got both correct. Why does this say I'm at 41%?


Kwiziq language super star

29 March 2017


Hi J - that's your Kwiziq score which measures confidence in the topic. It's not how many questions you answered in that test. Your score will increase as you continue to answer questions on that topic. Hope that helps!


Kwiziq language super star

25 November 2016

1 reply

Susan suggested a great mnemonic not to mix up être and faire in the passé simple :

"faire has an "i," être does not, so the passé simple of faire would have an "i," and the passé simple of être would not. It's a bit simplistic, but it helped me keep the two verbs straight until I didn't have to think about which was which any more."


Kwiziq language super star

25 November 2016


Hope it helps !


Kwiziq community member

10 June 2016

1 reply

je fis


Kwiziq community member

11 June 2016


Bonjour Tortema,
Yes, this is the conjugation of French verb faire in the passé simple:
je fis; tu fis; il/elle/on fit; nous fîmes; vous fîtes; ils/elles firent.
I'll be right with you...