Conjugate verbs in -aindre, -eindre, -oindre in Le Présent (present tense)

Among -DRE verbs, there is a group that behaves irregularly in Le Présent, but which follows the same pattern: the verbs in -AINDRE, -EINDRE and -OINDRE.


Look at these three examples:


CRAINDRE (to fear) PEINDRE (to paint) JOINDRE (to join)
je crains je peins je joins
tu crains tu peins tu joins
il/elle/on craint il/elle/on peint il/elle/on joint
nous craignons nous peignons nous joignons
vous craignez vous peignez vous joignez
ils/elles craignent ils/elles peignent ils/elles joignent


Others verbs following this pattern include:

rejoindre (to meet up)

contraindre (to force)

se plaindre (to complain)

éteindre (to turn off / to switch off)

dépeindre (to depict)

feindre (to feign)

geindre (to whimper)


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Examples and resources

Il geint beaucoup.
He whimpers a lot.

Vous joignez vos forces.
You join forces.

Tu nous rejoins plus tard.
You're meeting us later.

Nous peignons ensemble.
We paint together.

Je me plains rarement.
I rarely complain.

Ils craignent pour leurs vies.
They fear for their lives.

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