Le Club des Poètes

"Le Club des Poètes" has been shared to the blog from the French reading exercises section of the learning library where you can find a large selection of interactive texts to help you with your reading skills. This article also has audio for you to practice your French listening skills; you can find many more listening activities in the French listening practice section.

French listening and reading practice: B1
(See the grammar breakdown)

If you like Paris and poetry, you’ll love le Club des Poètes. Find out about this thrice-weekly opportunity to recite poetry in our bilingual audio article. Click any French phrase for the English translation and links to related grammar lessons.

Part 1

Part 2

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Grammar Coverage

Here’s the CEFR level breakdown of grammar included in this article.

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Rowen McCarthy

Ever since watching the Spanish-learning segments on Sesame Street as a kid, Rowen loved foreign languages. She studied German and French at school, learnt enough Spanish to travel around Andalusia at the age of 20 and moved to Prague for three years and learnt Czech. Rowen acted in German in a Danish TV drama series, released a single with a video shot in Prague, and took a course in creative writing in French alongside native speakers. Now London-based, she loves escaping on the Eurostar to Paris to read Jacques Prévert poems and write her own whenever she can.

Aurélie Drouard

Aurélie is our resident French Expert. She has created most of the wonderful content you see on the site and is usually the person answering your tricky help questions. She comes from a small village near Chartres in Central France, country of cereal fields and not much else. She left (in a hurry) to study English at the world-famous Sorbonne in Paris, before leaving France in 2007 to experience the “London lifestyle” - and never looked back! She's worked as a professional French teacher, translator and linguist in the UK since.  She loves to share her love of languages and is a self-professed cinema and literature geek!

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Thank you. I really enjoyed listening to, reading and reciting this piece. It is heartening to be able to understand spoken French. As well as being informative, this interesting piece was accessible which kept my attention.
Thank you
Alison 😄

Merci d'avoir parler d'une vitesse qui me permettre de comprendre. Merci pour cet article intéressant.