Le français classique

Learn about Classical French in this 5-part series of bilingual articles about the development of French over the centuries.* Click any phrase for the English translation and related grammar lessons.

Note: Some of the tenses in this French article and its English translation don't match! In French, we use the present tense to describe historical events like this to evoke a sense of immediacy, whereas in English, we commonly use the past tense - learn more about historical French tenses.

*The Development of French

  1. Birth of the French language
  2. Dialects and regional languages
  3. Middle French
  4. Classical French
  5. Modern French


  1. Le français du XVIIème et du XVIIIème siècles : une langue qui se fixe
  2. Le français classique (XVII – XVIIIè siècles)
  3. Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

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