A birthday party

"Une fête d'anniversaire"
French C1 writing exercise

Nicolas has planned a birthday party full of games for his daughter Flora.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to pass from ...to...", "to take one's fancy", "hopscotch", "hide-and-seek", "to play tag", "a skipping rope [US:a jump rope]", "a marble (toy)", "bobbing for apples", "a stand/stall", "a unicorn", "blindfolded", "treats", "to enjoy [food]".

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So that my Flora can celebrate her 8th birthday with her friends, I've planned an afternoon of classic games that I know she loves. With the other parents' help, I'll set up the different games in the garden where the children will be able to pass from one activity to another, according to whatever takes their fancy. They will play hopscotch, hide-and-seek, tag, and there will also be some skipping ropes [US: jump ropes] and (some) marbles. I'll be in charge of the bobbing for apples stand, where the children will have to grab apples from a big basin of water, (while) using only their mouths and (while) keeping their hands behind their backs. As for Karine, she will take care of another stand with the large poster of a hornless unicorn, onto which they will try and stick a horn, blindfolded of course! After everyone has had the opportunity to try different games, we'll distribute rewards and treats to all participants, who will then sit to enjoy Flora's delicious birthday cake.

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