French B2 writing exercise

Laëtitia talks about her passion for fascinating French singer Barbara.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "as far as I ...", "to accompany [someone]", "to be filled with (music)", "poetic", "lighter" (adj.), "to reflect [someone]", "unwavering hope", "as I grew up", "melancholy", "to resonate with [someone]", "to lose oneself", "bewitching (music)", "(song) lyrics", "apparent darkness (mood)", "much more than", "a kindred spirit to [someone]".

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As far as I can remember, Barbara's unique voice has always accompanied me. She was my grandmother's favourite singer, and her house, where I spent all my Wednesday afternoons, was always filled with her poetic melodies. As a little girl, I preferred her lighter songs, the ones that reflected her unwavering hope and (her) love for life. Then, as I grew up, it was her melancholy that resonated with me. I would lose myself in her powerful, almost bewitching, songs whose lyrics, despite their apparent darkness, carried (a) wonderful strength. Much more than just a great singer, she will always be a kindred spirit to me and so many others. Barbara, as you used to sing (it) so perfectly, our most beautiful love story will always be you.

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