Making friends online

"Se faire des amis en ligne"
French B1 writing exercise

Find out how Mary made new friends online

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to move [somewhere]", "at first", "to feel lonely", "to be far from", "thanks to", "social media", "to meet [someone]", "a neighbourhood", "to join a group (online)", "to share", "an interest (hobby)", "online", "a project", "in person", "to meet up".

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When Marie moved to Montréal for her new job, she didn't know anyone there. At first, she felt a bit lonely because she was far from her family and (from her) friends. But, thanks to social media, she met people who lived in her neighbourhood. First, she joined a group that shared her interests. They spoke online about their projects and their lives. And finally, last week, Marie met Lisa and Jonathan in person. The evening went really well, and they decided to meet up every Friday after work.

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