Ça or il


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13 September 2016

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Ça or il

"Oh! J'ai regardé ça aussi hier." How can we know it is not "Oh! Je le ai regardé aussi hier." (with contractions)? Last time I asked this you pointed me to the c'est vs il est lesson but "ce" is not "ça" so I don't see how that helps.

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14 October 2016


Bonjour Joakim ! Here is the nuance between "J'ai aussi regardé ça hier." and "Je l'ai aussi regardé hier.": - In the first sentence, "ça" brings emphasis to the thing you watched, therefore translating as "I watched THIS too yesterday."; - the second sentence is more neutral, and will be translated as "I watched IT too yesterday." . I hope that helps! À bientôt !

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