Can I say ''Et tu, comment tu vas?'' why or why not?

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9 August 2018

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Can I say ''Et tu, comment tu vas?'' why or why not?

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9 August 2018


Hi Malik,

First off it would be "Et toi..." and then I must say that I've only ever heard "Comment vas-tu?" or "Tu vas comment?".

-- Chris (not a native speaker)


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11 August 2018


Hi Malik,

These stress pronouns are also used after prepositions like 'et'.

So also after words like 

sur, à, avec, pour, après, contre, and of course chez .

Après moi le déluge = When I'm gone let happen what may

Je n'ai rien contre eux = I have nothing against them

On vient avec toi We are coming with you

C'est à toi de jouer It's your turn to play

Je n'ai pas mon agenda sur moi I don't have my diary on me

lui, il a de la chance! = He is so, so lucky !

I find a good way to learn them is after chez, which students seem to grasp easily:

Chez moi, chez toi, chez elle, chez lui, chez nous, chez vous, chez eux, chez elles

P.S. "Et toi, comment tu vas? " or "comment vas-tu ?" are both correct.

Hope this helps!



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