Can I skip the cities/countries lessons till later?


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20 August 2018

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Can I skip the cities/countries lessons till later?

I've been doing your excellent course for almost a week. For me, the dynamic algorithmic quizzes are a superb feature. I believe in "Active recall", as used in Anki.

I'm still in the "initial enthusiasm" stage, where I try to take maximum advantage of the initial surge, before gradually levelling off to a normal rate.

On today's dashboard, I notice that there are five recommended lessons relating to countries, cities, and so on.

I'm striving to think of a reason why it would be great to know, for example, "la Cornouailles". I suppose if I were in France, and someone asked me if I came from "la Cornouailles", I could say "Oui", or possibly "Non".

I've worked in five countries having five different language. (That's why I now speak and write very short sentences. Sorry about that.) I don't recall ever needing to know the name of a different country, or a town in a different country.

So, is it possible for me to simply postpone these lessons until later? Would that screw up my Dashboard? If I do the quizzes quickly by giving the first anwer that occurs to me, would that confuse the bot?


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