Can you please give some examples of aucun/e with plural nouns?

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4 April 2018

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Can you please give some examples of aucun/e with plural nouns?

Salut. On ecrit que aucun/e est toujours singular, mais qu'est ce que un example de aucun/e avec le nom plural?

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5 April 2018


Hi Paul, here is one:

Nous ne vous compterons aucuns frais supplémentaires. -- We will not charge you any additional fees.

This happens with nouns that exist only in a plural form (such as frais).

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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18 April 2018


Hi Paul,

As Chris rightly says 'aucuns' is used in its plural form, only when the word that follows it is usually always in the plural like 'frais'.

Other instances will include words like 'fiançailles', 'vacances''travaux publics', 'obsèques' etc. so it is quite rare.


Aucuns travaux publics n'auront lieu le dimanche. (No public works will take place on Sundays.)

Aucunes vacances scolaires ne sont programmées en juin. (No school holidays are programmed for June.)

Hope this helps!



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18 April 2018


Very helpful Cécile, thank you .

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