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19 October 2017

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In previous lesson: use c'est for general things (la soupe, c'est délicieux=(drinking)soup is delicious), il, elle for specific things: la soupe, elle est délicieuse=the (specific) soup is delicious. I just don't know how to fit c'est pratique, les ciseaux, c'est ma maison, and c'est bientôt les vacances info the "general format". Can you help?

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French lesson "C'est, ce sont = this is, these are (demonstrative pronouns)"


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21 October 2017


Bonsoir à nouveau, I am uncertain about your continued confusion with the c'est and ce sont demonstrative pronouns. Here is something from the lesson that may help: «Note that ce is used with the verb être as follows: in its singular form, c'est, means it is /this is /that is, and in its plural form, ce sont, means they are /these are /those are. » Here is a link to another site that could possibly help clear up the confusion: Bonne chance.

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