Elle ne regarde pas la télé.

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12 January 2018

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Elle ne regarde pas la télé.

Wouldn't this be: elle ne regarde pas de télé ...using "de" after pas?

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12 January 2018


using 'de' after the negation is when you negate the thing after the verb. In this case, the negation is about not watching so it is a simple negation of the verb 'regarder'. 'Je n'ai pas de frère' is about no brothers. The 'de' in this case is like 'any' in English. 'J'ai des frères.' I have brothers. 'Je n'ai pas de frères.' I don't have any brothers.


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5 September 2018


Hi Helen, 

We always say:

Elle ne regarde pas la télé = She doesn't watch tv

Ils n'écoutent pas la radio = They don't listen to radio

Nous ne parlons pas le français We don't speak French

Ses enfants n'aiment pas le chocolat = Her children don't like chocolate

It has nothing to do with the pas here.

If you say:

"Il n'a pas de télé" ( téléviseur), it means, 

"He has not got a tv"

Hope this helps!

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