Est-ce qu'on peut dire "la médecin" ou "un professeur femme"?

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19 June 2018

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Est-ce qu'on peut dire "la médecin" ou "un professeur femme"?

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19 June 2018


Hi Vernon,

The correct way to talk about women in the jobs that traditionally were the realm of men has changed over the years but now the emphasis is on the job and not the fact that they are female.

There is much polemic about the correct way to describe them but you cannot say 'la médecin', you will use 'la doctoresse' or if you talk about your female doctor, or pilot, or engineer, you will simply say 'mon médecin', 'mon pilote' , 'mon ingénieur(e)' , regardless of their sex.

In the case of teachers, it will be 'la professeur', (or 'la prof' ) and not 'un professeur femme'.

Hope this helps!

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