Example 6: Je LEUR lis une histoire...


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8 December 2016

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Example 6: Je LEUR lis une histoire...

Does this mean "lire" is a verb for which "à" is commonly applied? Or is it in this case that the full sentence would be "Je lis une histoire à mes enfants", and hence the usage of "leur" is warranted?

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8 December 2016


Bonjour Prashanth ! It's the second case: the structure is "lire à ". À bientôt !


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4 January 2018


Hi Aurélie, I know this is an old question but I would like to get some clarification. Based on your response to Prashanth's question does that mean the proper way to say "I read them a story" is "Je les lis une histoire." ? Thanks, Alvin

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